Native Family Radio Christmas Fund Drive For 2021 

Thank You All That Donated This Year Dec 2021  It Was Just Amazing When We  ALL Pull Together and

Accomplish Something So Wonderful As The Gift Of Giving & Helping Others It Was Such A Honor For 

Native Family Radio & Team and Such Amazing Listeners To Join Us This Year Below Is All Donations  & The Documents The Team & Listeners Picked This Year Again Thank You ALL…


From: St. Joseph's Indian School <>
To: Native Family Radio Internet Radio <>
Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2022, 12:01:58 PM EST
Subject: Any guesses what the kids got for Christmas?

Dear Native Family Radio, Christmas comes a little late at our school. You see, children are home with their families on December 25th, which means we don’t pack-up Christmas trees, take down any decorations or open presents until they are all back to St. Joseph’s Indian School safe and sound. Sunday, January 9 was the day of the big Christmas celebrations in our 20 campus homes. Approximately 200 Lakota (Sioux) children were tearing into the gifts, eating delicious meals and basking in the final moments of the holiday season that you kindly helped make so special … And we made sure the cameras were rolling to show you all the joy.   St. Joseph's Indian School  

Just Few Specials We got as well from Donations 

Dear Native Family  Radio Thank You We Just     just rescued a dog that was shot multiple times and ran away towards the freeway. I asked JoAnn to meet me at the rescue location shortly before sunrise. Don't worry, nothing graphic, no blood - it's 100% safe!

I don't want to share more, but urge you to watch until the end so you'll see how a little KITTEN made him just a bit nervous

Thank you for supporting Hope For Paws 💖

Your continued support ensures that we can not only rescue animals, but also provide life-saving medical care throughout the year.  We simply could not do this without you and I really appreciate you for being a part of this effort and for helping us save lives.

Happy Holidays and please be on the lookout for the best rescue videos of 2021 next week. I've saved a few special surprises to celebrate the New Year. 

Clifford was left behind, injured, and scared

Luckily for Clifford, someone knew to call Hope For Paws for help, so Katie and Alex headed out for this rescue, figured out a smart plan, and together executed a perfect mission!

 Hope For Paws  <<<Click Here To watch 

Hope For Paws - Animal Rescue · 8950 W Olympic Blvd, #525, Los Angeles, CA 90211, United States
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From: St. Joseph's Indian School <>

To: Native Family Radio Internet Radio <>

Sent: Thursday, December 23, 2021, 11:31:45 AM EST

Subject: Santa is coming to town

Native Family Radio, Merry Christmas from all the Lakota (Sioux) children at St. Joseph’s Indian School!

Many of the children say Christmas at St. Joseph’s Indian School is magical. But this year, that magic was taken to a whole new level when students wrote a story …

You see, our students have amazing imaginations. When we asked them if they wanted to write a Christmas story taking place at St. Joseph’s, they jumped at the chance — literally, some of them jumped.

So, behold! This video is an actor (just kidding, they’re staff members) portrayal of their story that includes a couple mischievous kiddos, an elf, snowman and gingerbread man. It’s a little bizarre. It’s definitely silly … It’s totally from the minds of nine and 10 year olds. You’re going to love it!

 St. Joseph's Indian School  

Amazing Pick Of Fundrasiers All Picked From The List Giving in Again Thank You All

1.St. Joseph’s Indian School 

Joseph’s Indian School 

Make your tax-deductible gift by December 31 and it will be MATCHED up to $350,000 to go twice as far! Your support provides the Lakota boys and girls with: Safe, stable homes and warm meals A first-class, private education Individual counseling and guidance A carefully planned curriculum rooted in Lakota (Sioux) culture


Fallen Heroes Funs -- Link

The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund serves United States military personnel experiencing the invisible wounds of war: traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-traumatic stress (PTS). When our servicemen and women return from the battlefield, we help them fight the war within by building world-class, advanced treatment centers providing the best TBI and PTS care, enabling these heroes to continue to serve on active duty and enjoy a full and productive life.


Determined to end veteran suicide, K9s For Warriors provides highly-trained Service Dogs to military veterans suffering from PTSD, traumatic brain injury and/or military sexual trauma. With the majority of dogs coming from high-kill rescue shelters, this innovative program allows the K9/Warrior team to build an unwavering bond that facilitates their collective healing and recovery.


HOPE FOR PAWS RESCUE Hope For Paws Rescue -- Link

Dear Native Family  Radio Thank You We Just     just rescued a dog that was shot multiple times and ran away towards the freeway. I asked JoAnn to meet me at the rescue location shortly before sunrise. Don't worry, nothing graphic, no blood - it's 100% safe!

5.The Cherokee Children’s

The Cherokee Children’s Home --- Link

 Home The Cherokee Children’s Home was started in 1969 when it became evident in the community that children who could not safely remain in their own homes needed a place to stay within the Qualla Boundary. Upon the completion of the first home, 17 children were admitted and the house was quickly at capacity. That same year construction began on the second home and it was completed in 1970 and it quickly filled with 17 more children. A final home was built the next year and it also filled to capacity.

6.LIONS-CTV TELETHON +170556Thank you for your support of the annual CTV Lions Children's Christmas Telethon! Together we raised $287,67

LIONS-CTV TELETHON +170556 --- Link


Paid In Full

1.ST JOSEPHS IND SCH CHAMBER 12/17/21 -$250.00 12/17/21 ST JOSEPHS IND SCH CHAMBER 2.FALLEN HEROES FUND ORG NEW YORK 12/17/21 -$250.00 12/17/21 FALLEN HEROES FUND ORG 3.NEW YORk K9S FOR WARRIORS PONTE V 12/17/21 -$250.00 12/17/21 K9S FOR WARRIORS 4.PONTE V HOPE FOR PAWS RESCUE +131088 12/17/21 -$250.00

5.LIONS-CTV TELETHON +170556 12/18/21 -$195.80 12/18/21 LIONS-CTV TELETHON +170556 LIONS-CTV TELETHON +170556 12/18/21 -$46.99 PAYPAL *MCTVLIONSCH 4029357 12/20/21 -$8.16

6.Cherokee Boys Club & Cherokee-childrens-home


Dear Jerr Bear2 Of Party Zone Radio Here is The Info You Requested 

Sunday 10:11 AM dj_jerrbear2: aren't you the least bit curious where the other 500.00 went to NFR's Christmas fund and what happened to the other foundaions she had listed the money was going to such as Ronald Mcdonald House who now got nothing and the others she had listed? Look at the foundations she did send to only 4 of the many she had listed and if you look closely and count the the 250.00 for each of the she did send only adds up to 1000.00 it shows yall reached yall goal of 1500.00 where did the other 500.00 go everyone should be asking where their 500.00 go that part come out of yalls pocket. We have reciepts for everything we did and sent to not something she just typed up. Wolf stated in your chat NFR's Christmas is real as if ours wasn't. But yet she's NOT showing where the other 500.00 went. SO again what happened to all the other foundations she had listed down to 4 and only 1000.00 sent out NOT 1500.00, Rebuttal  Ok Number1. she has a Name Newty, Jerry it was not all a she it was a team effort and as you see its all there  You Can Ask Sharon. Jane Bill or I. Next would be better Not to try to make another station look bad i would say keep ya worried little heart where it should be  Not what other stations are doing, Its sad you make a wonderful thing look bad and or even UGLY you really hurts some feelings here at NFR. Hope you keep a watch as this is gonna be a super year for Native Family Radio Just Rem Jerry when you accuse folks make sure ya have your Facts together next time, I Really Don’t Think as A Owner. You Should act like this,   Make They New Year  Different Keep Your Drama, Maybe your DJs should be asking you why you are acting like this ??Jerry To  Be Happy keep Tract of your station  As We do not do this kinda of stuff to your station Or To Your Staff  New Year New Start Party Zone All Staff From - (Native Family Radio ). Happy New  Years